A coach is to a team as a rudder is to a ship. Always there to offer words of encouragement and support, and to provide sage advice on how to improve so you can win, the coach is the backbone of any competitive team. Despite everything the coach does, he or she isn’t in it for the glory, but for the love of the sport. ChalkTalk SPORTS, Inc.® is a company run by athletes dedicated to creating fun and functional, yet unique, gifts for athletes of all ages. As a result, we never forget about the coaches, since we know how important they are to every player in every sport — and have tons of creative and unique gifts that any coach will love for years to come.

Personalized Clipboards for Coach

Every coach needs a clipboard, and® has customizable dry-erase clipboards that allow coaches to draw up plays – and make last-minute changes – with ease. Whether you play basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, girls or guys lacrosse – or any other sport, we have a clipboard that is perfect for your coach.

Personalized Engraved Coach Whistles

One of our most popular coach gift ideas is our engraved whistles for coaches. These memorable keepsakes are thoughtful and loved by any coach lucky enough to receive them. Our engraved whistles come in multiple finishes, to suit all budgets and coach personalities. Each whistle comes with a display box for protection that will look good in their office, on their desk on a shelf. Make this gift even more personal by adding a coach’s favorite quote, name or team name. A coach whistle is a simple but very appropriate gift. It is one that can be used every day or as trophy to commemorate a hard fought season.

Your coach will be the proudest play-caller around with a personalized, engraved coach whistle. You can choose from 14K gold, 24K gold, or silver, plus a wooden case and/or a lanyard, depending on your coach’s taste. On the side of the whistle, we can engrave initials or up to two lines of text. With a gift like this, you don’t even have to wait until the end of the season. If your coach is a Father, give it to him on Father’s Day. It’s better than another tie. If your coach is a mother, and she wants something shiny get her a coach whistle – but I recommend you get her flowers, too. Birthdays, retirement and holidays are all great opportunities reward coaches for their dedication and hard work to their team.


You bet! We have a large assortment of engravable gifts for your coach, including a soccer engraved pen set, a paracord bracelet for any sport, or even engraved dog tag necklaces and keychains that make great hockey, lacrosse, or football coach gifts.


Your coach will love to display your team photo in a customized coach picture frame. Don’t have a team photo? No worries — a snapshot of a memorable moment, or even just a great photo of your coach will make a great addition to this gift that is sure to adorn his or her office long after the season has ended.


Of course we have customizable SportWORDS for your coach that are ready for the whole team to sign. Your favorite play-caller will never forget the great season you played together when everyone signs this handcrafted wood cutout that reads ‘coach’; and is ready to be signed by the whole team in silver marker – which is included. There is also a coach SportWORDS that is not recommended for signing, for those who want a cleaner, simpler SportWORDS option for their coach.


You bet! Add any text you like to the personalized mini engraved baseball or softball bat, or pick up a custom logo baseball for our baseball coach. For your hockey coach, choose from (or pick up both!) a personalized “thanks coach” hockey puck or a customized mini hockey stick for your coach. These perennial favorites are always a hit with coaches.

Softball coaches love to get personalized softballs, which can include text of your choice. If LAX is your sport, lacrosse coaches are huge fans of our personalized ceramic lacrosse mugs. When it comes to choosing the perfect personalized and customized gift for your coach, the most important thing is to think of what they like and what kind of personality they have and go from there.


Glad you asked. We have thousands of items that would make perfect gifts for coaches, including personalized mugs, water bottles, coasters, ornaments, jewelry, leggings and other apparel, performance beanies… you name it, we can help you turn it into a custom coach gift that is perfect for you coach, whether he or she coaches anything from hockey or lacrosse to figure skating or gymnastics.


Coach Gifts for Any Sport!


Your hockey coach showed you how to make your first slap shot, how to defend the goal, and how to skate a little faster and more aggressively than you did in previous seasons. How do you say thanks to this phenomenal person? With a thank you gift for your coach, of course. Choose from personalized hockey pucks, coach phone cases, or even personalized coach cufflinks. Check out our best hockey coach gifts today and treat your coach right.


You never would have scored your first goal or points in lacrosse if it wasn’t for your coach. You learned some tricks to improve your speed and your scoring percentage from your team’s greatest adviser. Say thanks today, with some of our favorite lacrosse coach gifts you can choose from today.


Your soccer coach is the cornerstone of your team, teaching everyone how to improve their game and score those goals. Your coach has showed you how to slide tackle properly, bend a free kick over the defense and play as a team. What better way to thank your coach than with these unique, personalized soccer coach gifts that are sure to please anyone’s tastes?


When you play softball, it’s your coach who gives you the best tips on your batting stance, or what you can do to combat that left-handed pitcher. He or she knows the tricks to keeping the sun out of your eyes, or for dealing with that grumpy umpire. Say thanks for another great season by picking up any of our softball coach gifts and give him or her something they will hold on to for years to come.


Say thanks to the baseball coach who showed you how to steal a base. Who told you when it was most effective to bunt. The voice that yells “shift!” when the hitter who always hits to the right comes up to bat (hey, you get to know your rivals.) Show how grateful you are for another great season with these personalized and memorable baseball coach gifts.


Your team wouldn’t be doing as well without your wrestling coach, always there with a supportive word or a helpful hint at every meet. Willing to spend the extra time with you on a takedown you’ve almost perfected. Say thanks with any of our gifts for wrestling coaches today.


Like a superhero, your cheer coach seems to know every routine and move known to humankind… and then some other secret weapons only he or she knows. They are willing to share them with you so you can ultimately put on the best show ever. Thank him or her today with any of these custom cheer coach gifts.


Your field hockey coach is always there for you with a supportive word and a helping hand that improves your game. Every practice, every game, he or she is there for you, and the team, making sure you are the absolute best you can be. Say thanks with one of our field hockey coach gifts today and make your coach smile as much as you did on the day of that last big win.


Basketball coaches make sure that everyone knows where they should be on the court and can draw up the perfect play to go against any defense, while blocking the opposition from scoring on the other side of the court. Show how thankful you are for all the ball-handling drills, shooting tips, and guidance with any of these basketball coach gifts he or she is sure to cherish for years to come.


Your football coach is full of motivational advice… things like “you don’t win games with field goals… except when you do.” He or she has a set of plays and formations for any situation based on how the other team is playing… and can communicate it in a way that either offense or defense can understand; pulling the best out of each player. This is someone who is truly a living, breathing football encyclopedia. Show your appreciation with any of our popular gifts for football coaches.


End a memorable tennis season with a memorable gift for your tennis coach. Whether you play singles, doubles, or mixed doubles, your coach has been a fountain of information and inspiration. Your coach has helped with your 1st serve, encouraged you when you were down 40-love and improved the top-spin on your backhand. What better way to say thanks to your tennis coach than with a gift?


Long after the towels have dried and the smell of chlorine has washed out of everyone’s hair, help your coach remember your awesome swim season with a personalized gift for swimming coaches. Whether it was countless hours in a pool or shaving tenths of seconds off of your freestyle swim, your coach has been there every stroke of the way. He or she has always wanted to the best for you, so now it’s time to give the best to them. With so many options to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking just one that says thank you so very much! To view all of our gifts for swimming coaches, click here.


Hockey Pucks look amazing! Hi I received my pucks today I ordered they are amazing they look really great, and you have the fastest shipping thank you very much I will definitely be back to do business with you soon.. Thanks again the pucks are awesome!

- NICK from Rye,NY -

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A person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team and makes decisions about how the team plays during games.


Need some ideas on how to personalize your gifts for coach?

While there are many ideas already on the site, you may want to add your own personal touch. How would you describe your coach? Tough but fair? Patient but demanding? A leader who lets you find your own way? Give some consideration to your coach’s personality before choosing the gift. Do you want it to be in team colors, or is there a color he or she likes better?

Your coach is dedicated to the team and to unlocking the potential in each player, as well as the team as a cohesive unit. She or he believes in you, encourages you, and develops your individual skills to push the team to be the best it can be.

Check out some of our favorite suggested gifts for coach at the best gift source for coaches,®.




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